Quantum Healing


Quantum Entrainment Methods of Healing (QEMH)

Quantum Healing

Get relief from stress, anxiety, and fear that holds you back from living your life. Try quantum healing.


Benefits of Quantum treatment or Hypnotherapy:
✔ Finding route cause of problem or sickness at first consultation
✔ Finding the root causes of illness and anxiety
✔ Working through your fears and blockages
✔ Increasing self-energetic potential
✔ Activate forgotten soul knowledges.
✔ Expanding your super consciousness
✔ Changing your lifestyle into better one
✔ Healing your mental or physical pain

Benifits of Quantum Treatment

Physical Health:

✔ Extra Energy
✔ Decreased inflammation and pain
✔ Stronger immune system

Social Interaction:

✔ Greater Connectedness with Others
✔ Relieved anxiety
✔ Decreased loneliness

Intellectual Activities:

✔ Enhanced critical thinking
✔ Effortless mindfulness
✔ Extra energy

Emotional Health:

✔ Relieved anxiety
✔ Greatly improved emotional wellbeing
✔ Breaking of negative cycles

Spiritual Insight:

✔ Spontaneous spiritual growth
✔ Effortless mindfulness
✔ Stronger connection with nature



✔ Stronger connection with nature
✔ Enhanced critical thinking
✔ Breaking of negative cycles


Occupational Pursuit:

✔ Enhanced critical thinking
✔ Greater connectedness with others
✔ Relieved anxiety

Online Treatment

Application Form

Fill out an Application Form; form a specific request; send it to me for diagnostics.


I determine whether the condition possible to be corrected or not selecting a treatment method I notify you by e-mail.


Once payment is received, we schedule a session’s time and date through online Zoom Meeting.


At the end of each session, I will kindly ask you to share your impressions and results through Reviews.


My Individual session is based on exclusivity individual approach. Therefore I recommend to take the quantity of sessions based on client’s request.

My Methods of Treatment

1. I request the concert, on which I determine the main cause
2. Finding a trigger of the main cause
3. Pressuring on trigger tension dots of the body: emotional, mental or physical
4. I put pressure on these points.
5. I cause vomiting, coughing, crying, laughing, redness of the skin, coughing or tears, spontaneous twitching of the body, trance, pressure inside the ears and over the head.

The Results

* Visualization and sensitivity are becoming more opened.
* The ability to see the events of life from a different angle.
* Restores natural energy
* Clearance of mind
* Restoration of the whole body
* Changes in lifestyle in a very positive way

Usually, the result of my work already appears after a week. But it all depends on the individual and his sensitivity.