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Online Hypnosis Treatment


Group Hypnotherapy Online Session Every Sunday
Price: 500 AED per person
Day: Every Sunday
Time: 10:00pm
Duration: 60 Minutes

Be one of the first to try my new method of hypnohealing!

It will help you to improve:

* Emotional balance Harmony in relationships

* Unblocking energy channels

* Energy recovery

* Clear consciousness

* Intended goals achievement

* Self-harmony with the nature

* Finding your second half

* Financial well-being

* Self-esteem improvement

* Health & Pure awareness

Book your group session at 500 AED only
Or call/text: +971 56 228 2335

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Hypnotherapy (Healing) Treatment.


Hypnotherapy (Healing) Treatment.
Based on techniques of Professor Dr. of Science Antonio Carreiro
Price: 500 AED per person a day.
Date: 16th September, 2023 (1 session)
Time: 03:00pm - 06:00pm

First time in Dubai the Hypno Healing Session will help you to unlock your subconscious hidden desires.

Be ready to recognize your own “One & Only Me” with Margarita Rustamyan.

Has solution from:

* Panic attacks
* Phobias & Fears
* Low Self Esteem
* Low Immune System
* Depressions
* Insomnia
* Allergies
* Emotional distress
* Overthinking

Book your appointment at 500 AED only.

Water during the event & coffee break after are included for the participants

For more detailed information call/ text:
+971 56 228 2335