About Kundalini Session

My Kundalini Session is a spiritual process, it is an energy transmission of life force energy.

It’s a very natural and safe process. There is no force. Everyone receives what they are ready for. Naturally adjusting & returning back into alignment.

I hold space & create a container where this life force energy can be intensified + activated.

It’s a down force energy that enters your system through the top of your head and travels down throughout your energetic pathways. Clearing & purifying your system from emotional energy blockages , connecting and aligning you energy centres , raising your vibration, shifting your perception and helping you to access higher stages of awareness.

All you have to do is surrender , let go and be open to the experience with no high expectations.

During the session, you lie down on a yoga mat, while music is played and your eyes are closed. As the Master, I may touch or press some of the chakra or meridian points on your body.
Your job is to relax, let go and surrender.

During the session energy can manifest and release in many ways. The most common are....

Emotional Expressions & Release

Spontaneous laughter , screaming, crying , yawning, coughing and other releases of stuck/suppressed emotion.


Spontaneous ( non intentional ) movement of the body that opens and aligns the energy system.

Bliss States

Profound sense if oneness, connection and pure blissful joy.


Feeling heat, vibration or sensation of energy in the body.

People who feel nothing

Small number of people may might not feel anything in the session but even though they feel nothing have still reported life changing experiences in there every day life by just being in the presence of this energy. Everyone is more of less sensitive to this energy it’s just a matter of time, some people need more time than others. The more you are exposed to the energy the deeper it goes and each session is different.

However what happens during a session is not what's important, its the integration and changes that will happen in your life after the sessions is what matters.

Before the session:

•No food 2 hrs before the session
•Wear comfortable clothes
•be open to a new experience


This energy work is NOT suitable for pregnant women – suitable 14 weeks Post Natal.
Kundalini session is not recommended and not safe for those prone to mania, bi polar, delusion or psychosis