Kundalini group session

Kundalini group session

In the world of new age polarity, there can be many confusions and unhealthy patterns of dysfunctional relating which play out, both with ourselves and with others. In this new world with new polarity, people are lost and confused. That causes lots of problems both with themselves and with others.

In a group session with pure quantum energy, you will feel your powerful Spirit of Kundalini awakening cleansing and tuning Chakras removing negative Karmic energy from your Aura. Kundalini Awakening Session is the experience of your transformation entirely. Mind, body and Soul, and soon after, creative expressions starting to be evolved.

The Benefits

Natural Energy transmission of life force energy

Clearing & purifying your system from emotional energy blockages

Connecting and aligning your energy centers

Shifting your perception & raising your vibration

Helping you to access higher stages of awareness

You will learn how to

To be present as an observer

Release your thoughts & relax

Experience self healing practice against all types of anxiety, stress & disease

Achieve your desires & goals

The experience during & after

Energetic feeling heat vibration or sensation in the body.

Movement Spontaneous & nonintentional Emotional Expressions

Release spontaneous laughter, screaming, crying, yawning, coughing

Other releases of stuck & suppressed emotion.

Bliss States profound sense of oneness, connection & pure blissful joy